Fall and Rise

“Why do we fall, Master Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” – Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Begins, 2005.

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Unfortunately, I did have to reference that, so the surprise is ruined. I was thinking of making you do this whole “guessing game with no prize,” but it didn’t work. I’M TRYING OK???

More importantly, to answer the BURNING (what are you going to do, stop these bad jokes?) question on your minds/lips right now, I started this blog with such a powerful quote because we’ve all pulled ourselves out of dark places/situations. Yet, here we are, reading this, still alive and with a heart that is more powerful than we know (more on this later!).

After we “fall” (either literally or metaphorically) and “pick ourselves up”, we are not the same man or woman that we were before.

What I am going to stress here, though, is that when we learn to pick ourselves up, how do we ensure that it’s to our benefit and the benefit of our loved ones?

Now, I don’t mean we must retreat into a massive cave and build some high-tech equipment to become a vigilante. OK, that was the last one, PROMISE.

As mentioned, an unfortunate event can and will change us, but it’s how WE react and heal that determines if the change is for BETTER or WORSE. This is the most important thing, whether it’s a bereavement of a family or friend, natural disaster or a long term relationship ending (for example), our original equilibrium is now permanently changed. However, these changes also hold the potential for growth and positive transformation.

The aftermath of these situations is inevitably grief, which affects us all differently (see my previous blog on emotional uniqueness). But after grief, the action we take with the ‘pieces’ that are left over truly counts. We are still alive, and most importantly, we still have a heart! This is the most crucial point of all, as it signifies our potential to move forward, heal, and restore our faith both in ourselves and humanity.

I can speak with you from experience here. When we lose a treasured loved one, it’s never easy, but I always keep in mind how much they loved when they were in their human form and what a big heart they had. The more we remember our loved ones in that regard, the happier the memories become. I have a question for you: You still have a heart, like we talked about, so why not harness your immense empathy and help others?

It’s a reality that we all encounter hardships and are still in the process of overcoming them. So, why not extend a helping hand and begin to heal each other? This is the true essence of healing. Once we’ve managed to ‘pick ourselves up’, we can give back with our newfound strength and empathy, acknowledging the value and appreciation we have for each other’s support.

One thing we can all do to liberate ourselves from a situation where we may have been betrayed, cheated on, or lied to is to FORGIVE. This act, both for the other person and ourselves, is a key to our peace of mind and spirit. As this image suggests, we often have no idea of the darkness the other person carries. It’s not an easy task, but when we find the strength to forgive, even if we’ve been deeply hurt, we free ourselves from the weight of resentment and anger. That’s when true healing begins.

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Also, now we’re here, don’t you notice how the pain that once dominated your life and felt so overwhelming no longer controls you? To all my strong, empathetic warriors, I SALUTE you and wish I could hug every one of you!

We’re all going to die eventually, so why not do as much as we can to help others while we’re still here? I leave you with this powerful message.

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If this blog helps just one person, then I am eternally grateful for that, once again, I SALUTE all of you.

Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next blog.