December: The End… Or just the beginning?

So here we are again, at the end of 2023. The festive season has started with all the Xmas markets and parties.

This blog will not be an in-depth essay, but a short and sweet kick of motivation. The title says it all, what will December be like for you? How about we start a new trend with the blog post? By this I mean, instead of December being a month of excess and ill-health, let’s flip the script and make it a really healthy Christmas.

I am not writing this to dictate to you about how you should spend your Christmas. Of course, eat, drink and be merry!

However, what I am going to do, is to get you thinking. Now, the mulled wine has already started flowing in many a Christmas market and cafĂ©, and the mince pies are everywhere now! But alcohol is a toxin, to be specific it is a depressant. I will say I don’t drink any alcohol and have been teetotal for nearly 5 years. So yes I am biased!

But let’s be real here, is having excess amounts of alcohol and getting drunk at every Christmas party the way you want to enjoy the Christmas period? The hangovers are not going to get any easier and I am sure you want to enjoy and REMEMBER all your festive experiences with friends and family.

The same goes for Christmas food: mince pies (delicious!!) chocolate (in abundance) etc., are toxic in excess. Mainly because of the sugar content making these snacks addictive.

Again, be mindful, having excess sugar can lead to, according to, headaches, irritability, feeling dizzy and fatigue etc., (

Think about it, do you want to be in this state when interacting with the people you love most? I know this is just one example and yes I could go into much more detail, but I just want to raise your awareness. During any festive event, the most common phrase is usually along the lines of: “Why not it’s Christmas?” We are different though, health is our wealth, so step OUT of autopilot and take a breath, do you need it or want it?

Is it beneficial to you or are you giving in to social pressure?

One more point, most festive outings/social events involve late nights, normally ending in the early hours, how does that affect your sleep in the long term? For more info on sleep, read my previous blog: (1)

This doesn’t have to be this way! We can ALL change and have the best festive period, whilst still eating, drinking and being merry. Now enough of my nagging (sorry not sorry!).

Let December be the month of change, don’t wait until January for a “New Year’s Resolution” as over 80% of them fail. Another study has said that 25% of resolutions are abandoned within the first WEEK of January! (2)

I can say from experience, that the first couple of weeks in January, the gyms are packed with everyone on a health kick after Christmas, but cut to February 80% of those people have gone and the gym is empty again.

Why wait until the rush? By reading this blog, you are starting a new health revolution! Let’s make December the month of health and well-being. The month where we make small changes that lead to big results.

A short personal anecdote. I have started with a Personal Trainer and we are excited about what we’ll achieve together. It is a wake-up call to track my nutrition, I am far from perfect but improving in small steps every day.

How can you make small changes?

  1. Instead of mulled wines/beers/cocktails: Opt for alcohol free versions and more water, keeping you hydrated and conscious.
  2. Join a gym BEFORE January. I am sure gyms have plenty of offers on for the festive period, beat the rush. If you are unable to and/or can’t afford it, start being a bit more active, go for longer walks, do some at home yoga, get creative!
  3. Eat a BALANCED diet: by all means, have mince pies and chocolate, but make it a small part of a balanced, healthy diet, not the main part.
  4. SLEEP, the most important point, link to my previous blog is above.

Make this month the time you change, the time you put your health first and hit 2024 running rather than crawling. You are capable of incredible things, it all starts with one small change, so what are you waiting for? I can’t do this December health revolution alone, so let’s do this!

Thanks for reading! I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy festive period, see you for the next blog in 2024.