Warning, Bombshells included, **DO NOT READ**

A new blog! …Hang on, what’s that I can hear?!

“Probably gonna be just like the other New Year’s blogs, he’s gonna lecture us all about his New Year’s Resolution, starting to yawn already!”

“I know! These blogs used to be so good, but now it’s just another boring Resolution blog. Who cares about his resolution anyway? Time to change website!”


Did you really think I would make a blog THAT boring?!

Now, nothing about resolutions here, but what this is going to be about is more about artistic release. This can be any through any number of different media, music, writing, drawing etc., it’s PERSONAL, that’s the key point of this whole piece. Hold on to that. Don’t worry, I won’t quiz you at the end.

You didn’t see THAT one coming, did you? Why you may ask? Well, whilst I am sure there are those of you who have made a resolution or two, laudable as it may be (by the way, good luck with it!). have you fully processed and dealt with underlying emotions?

Left to fester trapped emotions can manifest on the body level in several ways. This does include muscle pain and tension. Emotional pain can be “stored” in certain muscles. But, dear readers, fear not! Artistic release can help with this, read on!

“Wow! This is better than I thought, I take that all back, need a cuppa before I read this.”

That’s what I thought. I do feel sorry for all who read this and relate to it even on a small level, there are many fantastic therapy services available for you, do take therapy if and when you need it.

Now then, how can trapped emotions lead to dis-harmony in the body?

One way: Trapped emotions and/or unresolved trauma will stay in the subconscious mind. Over 90% of human behaviour comes from the subconscious mind. Trapped emotions lead to various coping mechanisms, such as consumption of alcohol for example.

Yes, I am biased about alcohol, drink it by all means! However excess consumption to mask an emotional scar can lead to symptoms such as weight gain and fatigue. Also, this won’t deal with the subconscious emotion. it’s like an itch, the more you scratch it, the worse it gets.

These emotional ‘blockages’ can also be ‘stored’ in your body, leading to chronic pain. This does sound strange but it’s a response to maintain equilibrium but isn’t always good for you! Yes, painkillers have their uses, but again, we’re back to scratching the itch, it won’t resolve the real problem.

Back to the subconscious, we are all vibrational beings. The trapped emotions in your subconscious mind can and will lead to situations that are on the same frequency as the initial source of the trauma if not dealt with properly. These situations are sometimes called ‘bad luck’ or worse, and you may not be exactly aware of why you attract the same situations again and again. All emotions have frequencies, as visualised in the below chart.

You might be getting lost here! Heavy stuff. But let’s use an analogy to make it easier. What happens if you leave a pint of milk in the fridge for too long? It curdles and smells horrific!

Imagine this on an emotional level, you’re leaving these negative emotions (shame, guilt, fear, sadness etc.,) to fester in your subconscious until they…. curdle and smell horrific. The longer you leave these emotions, the more you will attract situations/people that match that frequency, i.e., you’re pouring curdled, smelly emotions into your hypothetical “cuppa,” not very nice at all!

All these emotions do become the subconscious ‘shadow’ self. Which was researched and explored by C.J. Jung. By facing your ‘shadow’ self you are confronting and dealing with your difficult emotions.


There is ALWAYS a way, sometimes more than one, out of this and to deal with these smelly, curdled emotions and by extension your shadow self.

The first method that I will mention is simply talking to people. Simple but very effective. The people in question don’t always have to be your loved ones: friends and therapists are there to listen as well.

Going back to the beginning of this post, artistic release is another form of catharsis. This is entirely subjective of course. For this post, I will focus specifically on music as the main medium, do your research and find what works for you.

Music is an INCREDIBLE source of release and catharsis, speaking from experience again. The best musical lyrics are written during periods of intense emotional struggle. I have had (and continue to have) personal experience of musical lyrics helping me through difficult situations such as a bereavement and break-up last year.

“But what does this release FEEL like?” Talking about music again: Do you remember the last time you listened to one of your favourite songs and you got chills, started singing at the top of your lungs for no reason and felt buzzing after? BOOM.

That’s a release, congratulations! Another example, is you’re at a karaoke night and there is one particular song on the setlist that you feel like you HAVE to sing. How do you feel once you’ve sung it? Fantastic and a beaming smile on your face!

Look INward:

You are all you need, you have all the answers and ultimately, if you’ve made it this far into the blog, are more than strong enough to face whatever is hiding in your subconscious.

Saying NO is a very important and powerful way to maintain your peace. If you don’t want to go or get involved in a particular situation, say NO! Self-respect is more important and valuable than keeping others happy.

Tough love, yes, this is the point of the whole post. As I have already mentioned, do your research on emotions. Dive deep into your subconscious mind and enjoy the ride! There are plenty of books to read about emotions that I am sure are extremely helpful. Find what’s best for you.

This particular blog was an artistic release for me, let me know what happened with you and how it went.

Have a fantastic beginning to 2024.

See you in the next blog! Stay tuned.